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Troubleshooting High Client CPU Usage

Senstar Symphony uses the CPU to decompress video and the GPU to convert from the YUV color space to RGB as well as scale the video to the panel's size on the monitor. Typically, both resources reach maximum usage quickly. 


To verify CPU utilization:

  • Use the Windows Task Manager to view CPU usage.


To verify GPU utilization:

One GPU is typically shared between two monitor ports on your video card (that is, a typical video card only has one GPU). 

It is generally very difficult to peg a GPU. Massive processing delays and choppy video when GPU Observer shows the GPU at 60% is possible. This is probably due to other unmeasurable bottlenecks (system bus, video card RAM, etc.) or pipelining, that is, bus must transfer data from system RAM to video card RAM before GPU can process it, then GPU processes it, then GPU must transfer it to the monitor.

Options for reducing CPU and GPU usage

  1. Reduce the resolution of your cameras.  This will reduce CPU and GPU. Or, add a low resolution stream that is never recording just for use in multiviews.
  2. Reduce the frame rate of your cameras.  This will reduce CPU and GPU.

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