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Created: 22-Nov-2012 1:54:27 PM
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"Error code 10162" Device Pack Installation Errors - Setup cannot continue

Error Message

"Setup cannot continue" error message encountered during Symphony Client Device Pack update.

Issue and Solution


Setup cannot determine what Symphony or Device Pack you have currently installed.


You must have Symphony Client or Symphony Server installed in order to be able to install the Device Pack.

You are attempting to replace a Device Pack that is incompatible with Symphony.


Find the compatible Device Pack Download from the Senstar Website.

Your version of Symphony does not support Device Packs.


You must install Symphony 6.11 or higher in order to install Device Packs.

You are attempting to install Symphony Client Device Pack, but you have ONLY Symphony Server installed.

You are attempting to install Symphony Server Device Pack, but you have ONLY Symphony Client installed.


Use appropriate Device Pack installation:

  • If you have Symphony Server Installed - use Symphony Server Device Pack
  • If you have Symphony Client Installed - use Symphony Client Device Pack

NOTE: Symphony Client Device Pack installation is needed only when you want manual installation to occur. Symphony Server Device Pack contains installation for compatible clients and will schedule and execute automatic download and installation for clients that connect to the server farm.

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