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Senstar Symphony is an award-winning, intelligent video surveillance software that offers a single, innovative, and open IP video platform for video management, video analytics, system integration, and alarm management.
Network configuration
The Symphony Server uses the network ports below by default.
Getting started
The Symphony Server includes functionality to manage devices, security, rules, sites, and settings.
Log in to the server configuration interface
You can open the server configuration interface in a browser.
Symphony Server services
The Symphony Server runs the following services.
Symphony supports cameras, digital input/output devices, and access control devices.
Security settings in Symphony allow you to configure authentication for users, set and change permissions for users and groups quickly, and add watermarks to video.
Symphony can generate alarms from rules. Rules include events, action sets, and schedules.
License settings in Symphony allow you to view and refresh licenses.
Settings in Symphony allow you to configure servers, general settings, email notifications, health monitoring, Enterprise Manager, updates, and backup and restore.
Symphony video analytics provide real-time alerts, smart video search, and reporting in Symphony.
The Symphony Client includes functionality to monitor cameras, manage video, generate reports, and configure alarms.
Open command
You can open the Symphony Client using a command in the command line. In addition, you can add arguments to the command that open specific cameras and, in the case of PTZ cameras, specific camera presets.
View log files
You can view, search, and download log files for the Symphony Client and any Symphony Servers to which the Client connects.
View events
You can view and export events for the Symphony Client and any Symphony Servers to which the Client connects.
Lock times
You can lock times on navigation in the client interface to make all camera view panels display video from the same time.
Customize the toolbar
You can change the icons that appear on the toolbar in the client interface.
Disable single sign-on
You can disable the single sign-on option when changing users and registering new farms in the Symphony Client.
Device tree
The device tree in the client interface lists the cameras, devices, and carousels available on the Symphony Server.
Server list
The server list is an optional panel you can display in the Symphony client interface.
Camera view panels
Camera view panels display live video, recorded video, and decorations from cameras.
Timelines display the activities and alarms for a camera in the client interface.
Maps can display the location of cameras, camera views, digital inputs and output devices, links, and labels in the client interface.
Symphony Messenger allows you to send messages to any user who is logged in to the Symphony Client or Symphony Web Client.
Carousels can loop through multiple cameras across multiple servers in the same server farm, pausing on each camera for a defined time.
You can use the Symphony Client settings to customize the client interface.
A bookmark identifies specific footage that you can return to later. Bookmarks can refer to live videos, recorded videos, or still images.
Video wall
The video wall feature in Symphony can display footage from multiple cameras in the server farm on multiple monitors.
Server configuration
Although you perform most configuration for the Symphony Server in the server configuration interface, the client interface includes functionality to configure some settings on the Symphony Server.
You can generate reports on the data from Symphony.
Alarms occur when a video analytic running on a device detects the conditions of a rule.
Visual tracking
The visual tracking feature allows you to add links to cameras that will automatically switch the camera view panel to an adjacent camera. You can use this feature to track a moving subject across multiple cameras.
The Symphony Web Client includes functionality to monitor cameras, manage video, generate reports, and configure alarms.
Log in to the Web Client
You can open the Web Client in a browser.
Configure the Web Client
The Symphony Player is an application that can view video files created in the Symphony Client.
Install the Player
You can install the Symphony Player as a standalone application.
Enable watermark verification
You can enable watermark verification for the Symphony Player to prevent the Player from playing tampered video.
Play a video file
You can play video from a file or a URL.
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