Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is Aimetis Symphony™ video analytics software or video management software?
A: Both. Aimetis Symphony™ is a future-proof video management solution that offers IP video management, video analytics, system integration and alarm management in a single product. If you only require a video management solution, select Aimetis Symphony Standard. If you would like to integrate your video system with third party systems for interoperability and centralized alarm management, select Aimetis Symphony Professional. If you want to take advantage of the wealth of information provided by video analytics, select Aimetis Symphony Enterprise. Learn more about the features in each license version.
Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements for installing Aimetis Symphony?
A: Aimetis Symphony can be on installed on standard IT hardware, which helps reduce acquisition and maintenance costs. Read the hardware benchmarks to have an understanding of the requirements for installations of various numbers of cameras and make-up of licenses.
Q: How are Aimetis intelligent video analytics algorithms (e.g. VE 150, VE 250) different than traditional Video Motion Detection (VMD)?
A: Motion sensors based on VMD technology, such as Aimetis VE130, can be a useful tool for reducing storage cost of a video recording system. However, as an alarm or information tool, VMD is inadequate. VMD carries an inherent flaw: it assumes any pixel change is significant, resulting in a huge number of false alarms or irrelevant information. Aimetis intelligent video analytics algorithms use artificial intelligence technology called computer vision which filters irrelevant information (often caused by scene background activity or weather) and delivers only significant events or data for analysis. Aimetis video analytics algorithms significantly reduces false alarms or conclusions and allows human intelligence to be maximized while greatly reducing costs. Visit the Sample Video page for examples.
Q: Do I need Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) software as well as Aimetis Symphony?
A: No. Aimetis Symphony is a fully integrated video recording, event management solution offering optional intelligence capabilities. All video recording, storing, streaming and analysis is done by Aimetis Symphony. This saves integration headaches, costs and time as compared to standalone Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) products which require you to integrate a DVR with the intelligent software. Aimetis Symphony can be used as a stand alone system and is installable on commercial off-the-shelf computers (COTS).
Q: I already have a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Can I reuse this?
A: Yes and no. The DVR is not necessary since Aimetis Symphony performs all the core features. You can however run both in parallel if you like by splitting the video and sending one feed to Aimetis Symphony and the other to your DVR.
Q: Does Aimetis Symphony operate with PTZ cameras?
A: Yes, manual PTZ control is available with all Aimetis Symphony license versions. Automatic PTZ-Tracking (no human intervention) is available with the Enterprise licenses. No multiplexor is required. The PTZ cameras are controlled through the serial port (for analog PTZs) or via network interface (for network PTZs).
Q: Does Aimetis Symphony integrate with my existing CCTV or IP camera installation?
A: Aimetis Symphony can be connected directly to any analog device with an Aimetis supported capture card such as Winnov Videum 4400 capture card for MJPEG and the Eltronix MP3000 for MPEG-4. Regarding network cameras, Aimetis Symphony supports hundreds of devices from dozens of manufacturers. Visit our supported video device list for a complete listing.
Q: How many cameras can be connected to Aimetis Symphony?
A: Aimetis Symphony is infinitely scalable. With a high camera to server density, and server farm support in the Professional and Enterprise editions, Aimetis Symphony can grow from single camera installations to thousands of camera installations. See the hardware benchmarks page for more information.
Q: What video codec does Aimetis Symphony use?
A: For network cameras, Aimetis Symphony will store video in the camera’s native format (MJPEG, MPEG4, or H.264). USB and analog cameras are stored in MPEG4 format.
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