Managing Users

You can manage all aspects of users via the User Configuration dialog box. You can:

       Add users

       Modify user information

       Add users to Groups

       Delete users

       Modify user access for Farms, Devices, and Video Walls

       Modify group security profiles


The following information is stored about a user:

       Name, password, email, phone, description

       Priority (higher priority has control of PTZ camera) PTZ priority and rule management is configured on a per-user basis, not through Groups.

       Type of User

        Symphony (basic user with customized restrictions)

        Administrator (advanced user with customized restrictions)

       Membership in Group (must be a member of at least one group). The security permissions for each user are defined through its Group membership.


If your system is under Enterprise Management, the Farm and User membership security settings are read-only if they have been configured at the enterprise management level. You cannot add/remove users or groups. You can, however, modify access to Devices and Video walls.

To set up a new user:

1.      From the Server menu, select User Configuration. The User Configuration dialog box opens.

2.      In the left pane, click New User. The User Information dialog box opens. By default, the new user is a member of Symphony Users and is designated as a Symphony User Type.

3.      Enter information about the user such as User Name and Password.

4.      Click Apply.

If Active Directory mode was defined during setup, no password is stored in Symphony as the Windows domain password will be used.

5.      Define the rules for which the user will receive alarms:

By default, the user receives all alarm notifications configured for that user. In some cases, however, users may not want to receive alarms for particular rules, despite having access to the camera.

a.      Click Manage Rules. The Rule Configuration dialog box opens.

b.      Select or clear the rule check boxes as necessary and click Ok.

6.      Using the Priority slider in the middle of the dialog box, assign High or Low priority access for your user. For example, a user with higher priority gets control of PTZ camera when two users want to access the camera.

7.      To define access rights for this user, select the appropriate group in the Member Of section.

8.      Click Apply to save changes and then Close.

If you upgraded from Symphony v6.2 to v6.7, note that the Priority slider settings for PTZ control is now very simple. Users with a high priority should be set to High. Users with a low priority should be set to Low.

Active Directory Authentication

When Active Directory authentication is enabled, each user in Symphony must have a corresponding Active Directory user. The Check Active Directory button is enabled only when Active Directory authentication was enabled in the Setup Wizard (see Installation Guide). When the Check Active Directory button is clicked, Symphony attempts to find the closest match to the text currently typed into the User Name field.

       If there is only one match, the User Name, Name, and Description fields will be populated from the corresponding fields in Active Directory.

       If there are no matches, or multiple matches, the Active Directory Search dialog box will be displayed. This allows you to find the appropriate Active Directory user to associate with the Symphony user.