Managing Security Profiles

If your system is part of Enterprise Management, you cannot switch or manage Security profiles.


All user-access rights are defined in Groups in User Configuration.

        Each Group can have more than one Security Profile. Security profiles allow administrators to change security privileges quickly depending on the situation.

        By default, only one Security Profile (called Default) is used. In most cases this will be sufficient.

        In some cases it may be useful to define additional security profiles and modify access rights of the Group per profile. This allows you to quickly change permissions to resources (such as cameras) in cases of an emergency. For example, under normal conditions a group of users may have access to all cameras, but in an emergency situation access may be temporarily suspended with one security group but given to another.

When the Security Profiles for a Farm is changed, all servers in the farm are notified, as well as all clients connected to those servers. The farm will remain in that security profile until the active security profile is changed again.

To view Security Profiles:

        From the Server menu, select Security Profiles. The Security Profiles dialog box appears.