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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 7.1
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Created: 10-May-2018 3:07:18 PM
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Integrate an S2 NetBox access control device

You can integrate the S2 NetBox access control device with Symphony to allow Symphony to use events from the access control device to trigger alarms.

For each event, the NetBox generates multiple events in Symphony, a reader event and a portal event, and each event has a device type number as a prefix. For example, the Access Granted event from the NetBox generates the following events in Symphony:

  • 1: Access Granted for the reader event
  • 2: Access Granted for the portal event

To integrate the NetBox, complete the following workflow:

  1. In the S2 software, configure Data Integration/API
    1. Select API Enabled.
    2. Clear Use Authentication.
    3. Select Use login authentication.
  2. In the S2 software, create a user (with a username and password) that has the System Setup role.

    You will use this user when you add the S2 access control device to Symphony.

  3. Add the NetBox access control device to Symphony.

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