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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 7.0
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Created: 28-Feb-2018 3:06:04 PM
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Prevent Symphony 7.0.11 from deleting Symphony 6 footage files on upgrade

In some cases, upgrading to Symphony 7.0.11 deletes Symphony 6 footage files. The procedure below protects the majority of Symphony 6 footage files, but might delete the oldest two days of Symphony 6 footage files.

  1. For each volume, determine the date of the oldest Symphony 6 footage file.
    1. In a command prompt, type dir filepath\*.dat /od /p, where filepath is the filepage of the video footage volume.
    2. Record the date of the oldest file in each volume.
    3. Of the recorded dates, use the most recent date.
  2. Determine the age (in days) of the oldest Symphony 6 footage file.
    1. Open Microsoft Excel.
    2. In a cell, type =ROUNDDOWN(NOW()-DATE(YYYY,MM,DD)-2,0), where YYYY, MM ,and DD is the date from Task 1.
  3. Limit the number of days that Symphony stores video footage.
    1. In the Server configuration interface, click Settings > Servers.
    2. Double-click a server.
    3. In the Video Storage section, select the Limit the number of days video is stored box.
    4. In the Days (maximum) field, type the value from Task 2.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat for ever server in your farm.

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