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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Symphony
Product Version: 7.1
Component: Symphony Server
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Created: 19-Dec-2017 2:54:43 PM
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Connect to a remote PostgreSQL database


The Symphony Server farm cannot connect to a PostgreSQL database on a separate computer.


To connect to a PostgreSQL database on a separate computer, you must enable remote connections in the PostgreSQL database. This procedure assumes that the Symphony Servers have static IP addresses.

  1. In the Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\data (64-bit database with a 64-bit operating system or 32-bit database with a 32-bit operating system) or Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\9.6\data (32-bit database with a 64-bit operating system) folder, edit the pg_hba.conf file.
  2. In the IPv4 local connections section of the file, add the following line for each computer that hosts a Symphony Server that connects to the PostgreSQL database:
     host  all  all  <Symphony Server IP address>/32  md5   
  3. Save the file.

For more information, see Client Authentication in the PostgreSQL documentation.

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