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Product: E-Series Physical Security Applicance
Product Version: E4000
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Created: 27-Nov-2017 11:08:25 AM
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How to change the number of DIO inputs and outputs in Symphony from 8 to 16 on incorrectly configured E4000 series PSAs

E4000 Series PSA that came with Symphony 7 installed, and were shipped before December 2017, were configured in Symphony with the incorrect DIO type. As a result they will have four digital inputs and four digital outputs available in Symphony when they should have eight inputs and eight outputs.

If your E4000 PSA was shipped from Senstar in December 2017 or later, it should be configured correctly.

All PSAs that came with Symphony 6 installed and were later upgraded to Symphony 7 using an update pack would have the correct number of digital inputs and outputs.

E4020 PSAs with a serial number ending in 3028 or lower, and E4040 PSAs with a serial number ending in 3089 or lower, have only four inputs and four outputs and this patch does not apply to them.

To correct the number of inputs and outputs on an affected PSA:

  • Download this Zip archive:
  • Unzip the archive. It contains a single Powersehlls script, Change_E4000_DIO_Type.ps1
  • Transfer the script to any folder on the E4000 Series PSA
  • On the PSA, open Windows Explorer and locate the extracted file
  • Right click on the file and select Run with Powershell

The script will automatically restart Symphony services. Once that is complete the correct number of digital inputs and outputs will be available for configuration. You do not need to restart the PSA.

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