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Created: 24-Feb-2016 1:10:22 PM
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How to Upgrade Your 6.x SDK Applications to v7.0

Your 6.x SDK applications must be recompiled after updating the namespace from Senstar to Seer.

Task 1: Compile old application against new SDK binaries

  1. Get new SDK from Senstar downloads site.
  2. Compile your 6.x SDK application against new SDK binaries.
  3. Fix any compiler errors by replacing name spaces, for example: BaseLibCS with Seer.BaseLibCS

Changes to C# namespaces:

Senstar.Connectivity -> Seer.Connectivity

Senstar.Symphony -> Seer

Senstar.Symphony.Configuration -> Seer.Configuration

Senstar.Symphony.Internationalization -> Seer.Internationalization

Senstar.Symphony.SDK -> Seer.SDK

BaseLibCS -> Seer.BaseLibCS

DeviceModel.Client -> Seer.DeviceModel.Client

FarmLib.Client -> Seer.FarmLib.Client

Task 2: Update processes by comparing SDK samples

  1. Look at the code and compare SDK samples. For example, the LiveStreamTest sample has been simplified.
    • Processes using the ActiveX control for video must be updated.
    • Improvements in v7 include handling live and historical video over one port. The video over one port aspect is handled in the LiveStreamTest SDK sample.
  2. Some functionality has been deprecated. If this impacts your business, contact Support to learn how these tasks are now completed.

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