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Created: 20-Oct-2015 9:10:02 AM
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Virus Scanning

We recommend that you disable virus scanning software on the Symphony server. Virus scans use a large amount of system resources to scan data. Virus scanning software, in some cases, locks each file it scans. Overall, it can affect performance negatively.

IMPORTANT: If you must use virus scanning, then you must exclude Senstar Symphony program files and data and program directories.

If you do not exclude those files and directories from your scanning program, then any of the following issues could arise:

  • Your footage will be quarantined to the local operating system drive (for example, C:\Windows) and designated as 0 bytes free.
  • Virus scanning programs may designate the Symphony Infoservice and other Symphony programs as viruses and delete them.
  • Live and historical video will NOT work, usually as a result of the virus scanning software having a firewall function.

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