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Created: 10-Jun-2015 10:04:08 AM
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Programatically read live counts from Senstar People Counter

The following procedure outlines how to display the live counts used by the Senstar People Counter in the Live View tab.

NOTES: 1) The live counts are reset to zero if the People Counter is restarted. 2) Live count requests will fail when the People Counter is not running. 3) The HTTP request has no impact on People Counter performance.

1. In a browser enter the following: http://<cameraIP>/local/VE170/get counters.cgi.
2. The following will be read in the browser:

CounterIn=7,CounterOut=6,debug_line=FPS:9.28,counter_history_1_1=4 minutes
ago,counter_history_1_2=2,counter_history_1_3=.,counter_history_2_1=4 minutes
ago,counter_history_2_2=2,counter_history_2_3=.,counter_history_3_1=4 minutes
ago,counter history_3_2=.,counter_history_3_3=2,counter_history_4_1=4 minutes
ago,counter history_4_2=.,counter_history_4_3=2,tbl1CaptionDir=Direction in:

The live count values are in the CounterIn and CounterOut variables. "In" and "Out" counts are accumulated during the life cycle of the process. For example, if the People Counter runs continuously for several years the counts are the totals accumulated during this time period.





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