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Created: 8-Jan-2015 10:41:29 AM
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Record Desktop using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a useful tool for recording the actions you perform in Symphony for troubleshooting purposes.

1.       Launch VLC media player.

2.       From the Media menu, select Open Capture Device to open the Open Media window.

3.       From the Capture mode drop-down, select Desktop.

4.       For desktop recording change the frame rate to 15f/s. For fast-paced movement it is recommended to use 30f/s.

5.       Click the drop-down arrow next to Play and select Convert to open the Convert window.



6.       From the Profile drop-down, select MP4.

7.       If required, click the Tool icon button to modify the profile settings, such as resolution or bitrate.

8.       Click Start to begin recording.

9.      To end the recording, click Stop from the player controls.



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