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Connect to Thin Client using SSH

Enable SSH in Thin Client

SSH is disabled by default and any time a factory restore is performed.

1. Open a web browser and enter http://thinclientIP/EnableSSH. Recommended browsers include: Mirosoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla®, Firefox®, and Google Chrome™.

2. The message "SSH Successfully enabled" appears.

3. If you are using Linux go to command–line and enter ssh <username>@<IP address>. For example, ssh root@ When prompted enter the password.

4. If you are using Windows® ensure a version of PuTTY is downloaded.

  1. In the PuTTY Configuration window enter the IP address of your Thin Client in the Host Name field.
  2. Select Connection Type SSH.
  3. (Optional) To assign a name for the connection enter it in the Saved Sessions field. A different name can be assigned to each of your Thin Clients.
  4. Click Open.
  5. If this is the first time that PuTTY was used to log in to the server with SSH a PuTTY Security Alert message is generated. Click Yes to continue. 
  6. When prompted enter your username and password. NOTE: Log in as the root user if this is the first time logging in to the server.
  7. Press Enter. If the correct root password was entered, the prompt responds with a shell prompt: [root@yourservername ~]#

When you are done, you should consider disabling SSH. The link to disable SSH is http://thinclientIP/DisableSSH.

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