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Product: Symphony
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Created: 22-Sep-2014 2:39:13 PM
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How to set up Symphony SMTP for Google Gmail


When events occur in Symphony, you want Symphony Server to send email notifications by relaying email via an SMTP email server.


See the section on SMTP in the Symphony help for details on how to set up SMTP in Symphony (by selecting Server > Configuration > General Settings > SMTP.)

Ensure that the Internet service provider (ISP) is not blocking port 25.

In cases where you do not have a SMTP server already, or suspect that the ISP may be blocking port 25, you can test using Google's GMail or a similar SMTP email server.


You must Turn On the Less secure apps security setting in your Gmail account. Log into your Gmail account and go to:, However, if you are using two-step verification, you will need specific application passwords for your account to work with less secure apps. Log into your Gmail account and go to:

Google Gmail SMTP server setup:

  • SMTP server and SMTP port:
  • Sender email account: Your full Gmail or Google Apps email address 
  • SMTP SSL required: yes (enabled)
  • SMTP server requires authentication: yes (enabled)
  • SMTP User/Password: Your full Gmail or Google Apps account and password (
  • Test email: any email you can receive

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