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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Thin Client
Product Version: 1.0
Component: Output
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Created: 10-Sep-2014 8:44:09 AM
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Camera views contain blank camera panels


Thin Client camera views contain one or more blank camera panels on the web interface and/or the HDMI output monitor.


The Thin Client can decode up to 1920x1080 at 30 FPS in H.264, MJPEG, or MPEG4. Ensure you have at least one (1) camera stream configured at this resolution or lower.

Note: Camera streams above 1920x1080 resolution cannot be decoded to the camera.

The Thin Client device automatically selects an appropriate video stream based on the resolution of the panel the video is being rendered in. Thin Client will select the stream with a resolution that most closely matches the panel’s resolution without exceeding it.

Therefore, it is recommended to have one (1) stream at 1920x1080 and another stream at 800x450 as the Thin Client will select the best stream automatically based on the camera view layout selected.

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