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Product: License Plate Recognition
Product Version: 6.12
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Created: 8-Aug-2014 8:43:03 AM
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How to convert LPR plate type to region name


The LicensePlate table in the database has a PlateType column which stores the region information encoded as an integer.


To get the translated name of this region, call the static PlateTypeToString method on the LicensePlateTypeHelper class in the Lpr.Core.Model namespace: 

namespace Lpr.Core.Model 

    public static class LicensePlateTypeHelper 
        public static string PlateTypeToString(int type); 

Sample code: 

using Lpr.Core.Model; 

static void Main(string []args) 


Output will be: 

If your machine's language is German, the output will be: 

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