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Created: 9-Jun-2014 3:31:13 PM
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How to open related cameras when a camera alarm is detected


When an alarm is detected at a specific entry/exit door, configure Senstar Symphony to display a multi-panel camera view of all related building doors at the same time.


Set up a multi-camera view where:

  • one (1) panel displays the camera when an alarm is detected
  • other panels display associated cameras when the alarm rule is triggered

How to Configure a Camera View Layout

Configure a Camera Multi-View layout to display a camera alarm and all associated cameras.

  1. In Symphony Client, load a floating or docked Camera View layout.
    Camera Multi-View Layout options
  2. Right-click on a panel (where you want the camera alarm to display) and select Settings.
    Camera Panel > right-click and select Settings
  3. On the Activity tab, enable the following options:
    Switch view when an alarm occurs
    Show alarm cameras in other panels

    Activity tab settings
  4. Switch to the Other tab.
  5. Click Apply To All to apply the activity options to every panel in the camera multi-view.
  6. Click Apply and click OK.
    Other tab

You can save the Camera View for later use.

How to Configure a Camera Alarm Rule

Adjust the camera rule to view other cameras on alarm.

  1. Select Server > Configuration > Rules.
  2. Create or edit a rule.
  3. On the Alarm tab, configure a camera alarm as follows:
    a) Select an alarm type and click Edit.
    b) Enable all associated cameras to view together when an alarm is detected, but do not enable the camera whose rule triggers the alarm.
    c) Ensure that the Raise Alarm option is enabled.
  4. Save your changes.
    Rules > Action > Alarms tab

When an alarm is detected for the configured camera, the camera view displays all associated cameras at the same time.

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