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Encryption between components

The command, query, and notification lines between Symphony server and Symphony clients is always encrypted. Clients include Symphony Client, SDK clients, Web Client, and Mobile Bridge.

The line between mobile clients and mobile bridge is optionally encrypted (default is encrypted). This includes all video since video going to mobile devices is transcoded by the Mobile Bridge.

The video going from camera to server supports encryption if the camera manufacturer supports encryption and Senstar has integrated this support. If video from camera to Symphony is encrypted, then the video is encrypted wherever it goes since Symphony Server does not transcode the video (the Mobile Bridge case is covered earlier and encrypted by default).

The server to database line is optionally encrypted (default is not encrypted).  

Encryption can be added by following these steps:

  1. How secure is the traffic with Sql Server Management Studio
  2. The database connection string can be modified by running 'dbconfiguration.exe' on a server.

Axis supports encrypting all communication including video/audio data through HTTPS. Symphony has integrated this capability.

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