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Created: 10-Jan-2014 4:31:06 PM
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IE11 and Symphony Web Client


When using IE11 64-bit, Symphony Web Client does not work.




1) We do not support 64-bit IE11. You must use a 32-bit version.

2) When using E11, you must add the Web Client URL to the Compatibility View Settings list. In EI11, Compatibility View Settings is a menu option under Tools.


For IE11 32bit:

  1. Connect to the server URL using the default web access port (such as //localhost:50000)
  2. Add the URL to list of websites to view in Compatibility View Settings (Tools>Compatibility View Settings).
    Or, if used internally over the Intranet, choose to continue using Intranet settings when prompted and ensure the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View check box is selected in Tools>Compatibility View Settings.
  3. Download and run the file when prompted to.
  4. Important: You must add every server in the farm to the Compatibility View Settings list in case the server changes (due to load balancing).

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