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Created: 28-Oct-2013 4:26:14 PM
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How to display the Supervisor Logon feature and disable the Reason field

Displaying the Supervisor Logon Feature

  1. Close Symphony Client.
  2. Edit %appdata%\Aimetis[\acc.ini file.
  3. To display the Supervisor Logon feature: Under [Main], add ShowTwoManRule=True.

Disabling the Reason Requirement for Logging On

The Reason field is displayed when the Supervisor Logon feature is activated and the user must include a reason for logging on. You can suppress this requirement.

  1. Close Symphony Client.
  2. Edit %appdata%\Aimetis\acc.ini file.
  3. To suppress the Reason field requirement: Under [Main], add TwoManRuleReasonIsMandatory=False.
    Note that the Reason field will still be displayed, but the user will not be required to enter a reason for logging on.

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