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How long are alarms available in the alarm log for viewing

How long are alarms available in the alarm log for viewing?

  • Rows are deleted from the Alarms table at the same frequency as the Event Log data, which is 100 days by default.
  • Footage (video) is cleaned when MaxDays is reached, or the disk free percentage is exceeded.


What happens if I select an alarm of a camera where the video storage was removed already by the maximum days?

When you click on an alarm in the log, Symphony loads a still image /JPEG. These images are cached, and this cache is cleaned at a different rate than the footage. The _images folder should be a maximum of 5% of the disk size, but this is also configurable (KeepImagesMB setting).

  • If you have MaxDays turned on, and you click on an alarm more than MaxDays ago, then you will see a "Footage not found" error.
  • If MaxDays is off, and Footage exists,, it will display the footage.
  • If Footage does not exist because of the disk free threshold, it will check the image cache and load an image if it exists. Otherwise it will show "Footage not found."

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