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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.12
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Created: 14-May-2013 3:00:19 PM
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How to change the logo in video decorations

Applies to Symphony 6.12 and later.

To change the logo in video decorations:

  1. Name your logo file as logo_custom.bmp.
  2. Copy it into the Symphony _bin folder on every server in the farm. By default the _bin folder is located in: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Senstar\Symphony\_bin"
  3. For Symphony 7.1, select Settings > General Settings > Overlay logo on video in the server configuration interface.
  4. Restart all Symphony Clients. The logo should appear in the video decorations.


  • The logo_custom.bmp file must be copied to every server in the farm by the user.
  • Symphony loads the logo only once when Symphony is started. If your system is up and running and you changed the custom logo, you must restart all Symphony Clients for the logo to be displayed.
  • Multi-farm environment: If farms have different logos, then any one of the logos may be displayed. You must ensure that the same logo has been copied to each server to avoid this situation.

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