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Error Message: One or more plates could not be deleted


You are deleting license plates and you receive the error message: One or more plates could not be deleted.

Probable Cause

Your Symphony Client and Server versions do not match. You may have an older server version.


You can delete license plates using SQL statements on the machine where Symphony Server is installed.

Delete license plates manually, by date

Example using the following command and date 12/27/2012: Any plates after this date will be deleted. Any plates older than this date will be deleted. (If this plate appears after this date, it will stay, but log records for it before the date will be deleted.)

dbupdater "DELETE from dbo.LicensePlateLog where EndTimeStamp < CAST ( DATEDIFF(s, '19700101', '12/27/2012') as BIGINT) * 1000"

dbupdater "DELETE FROM LicensePlate WHERE ID NOT IN (SELECT LicensePlateID FROM LicensePlateMetaData)
AND ID NOT IN (SELECT LicensePlateID FROM LicensePlateLog)"


Deleting specific license plate

Example plate number used "SK35791"

dbupdater "delete from LicensePlateLog where LicensePlateID in (select ID from LicensePlate where PlateNumber='SK35791')"

dbupdater "delete from LicensePlate where PlateNumber='SK35791'"


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