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Product: Symphony
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Component: Symphony Server
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Created: 25-Feb-2013 4:09:01 PM
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Log contents and meaning


Log Prefixes
g_logActions.OpenLogFile("scac");   // actions
g_logAccess.OpenLogFile("scax");  // access control
g_logDevices.OpenLogFile("scad");     // analog devices source filters
g_logPTZ.OpenLogFile("scpm");   // ptz multiplexor
g_logSearch.OpenLogFile("scse");   // searches
g_logCPU.OpenLogFile("sccp");   // cpu and memory stats
g_logIS.OpenLogFile("scis");     // intelsend
AmAira manager
AOOPC (.aira OPC Server)
Cstracker (used to be called camshift)
Htweb server
Isinfoservice (web service)
Se<followed by numbers>Surrogate Exe’s used to render video in Symphony Client
Ssosingle sign on


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