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Created: 19-Nov-2012 2:35:25 PM
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E7000 PSA: Service cannot start and Web Admin is not available

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Early production runs of the Senstar E7000-Series Physical Security Appliance where the Admin password has been changed in the Web Admin tool. Units will have serial numbers starting with:

  • 7020004
  • 7020104
  • 7040004
  • 7040104
  • 7020006
  • 7020106
  • 7040006
  • 7040106


The Windows service that runs the Web Admin tool is set to log-in as the Admin user. This is also the user whose password is used to control access to the Web Admin tool. If the password on the Password tab of the Web Admin tool has been changed from the default, the service cannot start after the system is rebooted and the Web Admin tool will not be available.


If you have NOT changed the Admin user's password, then install the Web Admin 1.6 update pack to fix this problem. It will set the Web Admin service to log on as system. This update is currently on the Xnet:

PSA Updates

If you have already changed the password and the system has been restarted, the Web Admin tool will not be available to install the update pack.

Instead, use one of the following two methods for fixing this issue.

Method 1:

  1. Log onto the PSA using the Windows Remote Desktop client or directly by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  2. Open the Services applet by clicking Start, then Run, and typing "Services".
  3. Right-click and open the properties of “UltiDev Cassini Web Server for ASP.NET 2.0”
  4. Select the Log On tab.
  5. Select Local System account under Log on as.
  6. Confirm and close all open windows.

Method 2:

  • Log onto the PSA using the Windows Remote Desktop client.
  • Open a Powershell prompt, copy these commands, paste them into Powershell and press Enter:
    $svc = gwmi Win32_Service -Filter "Name='UltiDev Cassini Web Server for ASP.NET 2.0'"

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