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Created: 13-Nov-2012 10:29:29 AM
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NAS and SAN storage

Symphony supports both NAS and SAN storage

  • Some SANs can be configured to be accessible by multiple servers simultaneously; Symphony is agnostic to this process
  • Assuming sufficient bus capacity and disk I/O, a SAN can be used for redundant storage in a farm configuration
  • For further information consult your SAN documentation and support

Senstar strongly recommends a NAS in cases where failover is required

Each server writes its footage and files to one of the following:

  1. a data folder on the server itself
  2. a logical drive on a SAN
  3. a logical drive on a NAS

If method 1 is applied, the footage files for a given camera will exist on the original server up until the failover swap, from which point they will be created on the redundant server.

If method 2 or 3 is applied, the footage files for a given camera will never move. When a failover swap happens, the new server will point to the data of the down server's logical drive on the SAN or NAS.

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