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Created: 2-Nov-2012 5:10:55 PM
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Running the PSA as a DHCP server: Address Range of IP Address

Issue: IP range in current documentation requires the following modification.

Running a DHCP Server

The appliance can act as a DHCP server. You can configure a DHCP server on either network port of the appliance, but not both.

To run a DHCP server on a port:

  1. From the Mode drop-down list, select Run a DHCP Server.
  2. Optionally, specify the start address for the range of IP addresses the DHCP server will use in the IP Address Range Start field.
  • The IP Address Range Start field must be set to an IP address ending in one. This IP address will also become the address of appliance.
  • The range will extend from .1 to .254 creating a pool of 254 IP addresses.

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