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Created: 1-Nov-2012 3:00:17 PM
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How to install the PSA update manually

For advanced users only.

All updates to PSAs can be installed using the Web Administration site on the PSA. The following instructions are intended only for customers wanting to automate the deployment of updates using remote administration/system management software.

  1. Log in as Admin or another user with administrator privileges who has logged in previously.
  2. If a folder to contain updates does not exist, do one of the following:
    • For E3200-POE and E7000 Series, create the following folder: D:\PSA Updates
    • For E3200 Series, create the following folder: C:\Program Files\Senstar\PSA Web Admin\Updates
  3. Extract the Update Pack into a new sub-folder in the Updates folder you created in step 2 . The sub folder must have the same name as the Update Pack excluding the extension:
    • C:\Program Files\Senstar\PSA Web Admin\Updates\PSA-SSU-X.X.X.X
    • D:\PSA Updates\PSA-SSU-X.X.X.X
  4. Execute Install.ps1, one of the extracted files, with PowerShell
    Note that the current working directory must be the sub-folder you extracted the update pack to.
  5. When starting PowerShell programmatically, the process must have the user profile and the environment block loaded.
    • For Symphony updates (as opposed to Web Admin Updates), the update result will be written to the file
      C:\Program Files\Senstar\PSA Web Admin\Updates\Update.status
      D:\PSA Updates\Update.status
    • Web Admin updates do not require the system or any services to be restarted.
    • Symphony updates may require the system be restarted. The Update.status file will indicate when this is the case.

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