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Created: 12-Oct-2012 1:48:48 PM
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Auto discovery not working with Johnson Control cameras when using Windows Server 2008 R2


When using Windows Server 2008 R2, auto discovery for Johnson Controls cameras does not work.


This is Windows Server 2008 issue. By default the UPnP services are disabled. Try enabling SSDP Discovery on all Symphony servers on the farm.

  1. Close Symphony Client.
  2. For all Symphony servers on the farm:
    1. From the Windows Start menu, enter Services.msc in the Search programs and files field.
    2. In the Services dialog box, find SSDP Discover.
    3. Right-click and select Properties. The SSDP Discovery Properties dialog box opens.
    4. In the Startup type field, select Manual and click Apply and then OK.
    5. Right-click on SSDP Discovery again, and select Start. Close the Services dialog box.
  3. Restart Symphony Client and try to connect to the cameras.

Note: Windows Server 2003 does not support UPnP.

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