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Created: 15-Aug-2012 3:11:25 PM
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How to enable MSI logging


Your Symphony installation fails.


You can troubleshoot Symphony installation problems by using information from two log files: msilog.txt and InstallShield.txt and by collecting the MSI*.log files from the %TEMP% folder.

In the command line, run:

setup /debuglog /v" /lv* \"msilog.txt\""
  • No spaces after the first v and before the quote in /v"
  • /lv is "ell vee", not "one vee"

An MSI log file called msilog.txt and an InstallShield boot loader log called InstallShield.txt are created in the current folder.

  • The bootloader log has information about Symphony prerequisites and the system.
  • The MSI log has information about the main work performed by the installer.

Note: A third log file (MS*.txt) is produced but may not be useful.

To obtain this log file, enter the following in Windows:



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