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Created: 16-Mar-2012 1:36:25 PM
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How to control PTZ Camera Auxiliary Outputs

Applies to Version 6.12 and earlier.


Symphony Client includes two buttons (wiper on) and (wiper off) on the PTZ Controls interface. You can use these buttons to activate and deactivate auxiliary functions on the device, such as a wiper.

  • The first button can start the wiper.
  • The second button can stop the wiper.

Enabling Control Buttons

By default, the control buttons are hidden in the PTZ Control interface.

 To enable thef buttons in the PTZ Controls interface:

  1. Edit %appdata%\Aimetis\acc.ini file.
  2. Add the following parameter under [Main]:
  3. EnablePTZButtons=True
  4. Save the acc.ini file and restart Symphony Client for the changes to take effect.

 Reconfiguring Control Buttons

The commands for the buttons can be reconfigured using the Manual Configuration Editor.

To reconfigure the buttons:

  1. Start Symphony Client.
  2. From the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor.
  3. Click Add a new setting... in the first row to activate the cells.
  4. For the On button, enter the following in the first row:
  5. Type=Camera, Section=PTZ, ID=<your camera id>, Key=StartWiper, Value= ff01000900010b (example value).
  6. For Off button, enter the following in the second row:
  7. Type=Camera, Section=PTZ, ID=<your camera id>, Key=StopWiper, Value= ff01000b00010d (example value).
  8. To confirm your entry, click the Action cell.
  9. Click OK.

You can modify these settings any time. Simply find the Camera ID and look for the StartWiper or StopWiper values under the Key column.

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