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Created: 25-Jan-2012 12:46:17 PM
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Limitations to the 4 historical streams concurrently in fast forward with "Lock times on navigation" feature

This feature is limited only by available hardware resources (disk, network, CPU, GPU).

This feature works :

  • With all manufacturers and you can mix manufacturers, models, and CODECs in the same quad view.
  • With different FPS and record mode. If one panel is not recording, Symphony will display "no footage found for x" while the other panels continue to play. Once footage is available in this panel, it will start playing video again. If all panels are missing video, Symphony will display "no footage found for x, skipping to y" for a few seconds, and then all panels will advance to the earliest time that one panel has video.
  • For cameras on different servers, farms, and is NOT limited to 4 cameras. It can work with 2 cameras, 6 cameras, 9 cameras, 25 cameras. Any number of cameras that are in the same multi-view.

This feature has no more performance impacts other than viewing historical video on 4 panels unsynchronized.

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