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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.6
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Created: 17-Nov-2011 2:32:10 PM
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How to delay or speed up alarm notification from Lost Camera Connection


  • You are receiving alarms from Lost Camera Connections that are expected and always resolved quickly. (Solution - Set timeouts longer).
  • You are not receiving alarms from Lost Camera Connections that you think you should be receiving. (Solution - Set timeouts shorter).


Change the alarm notification for Lost Camera Connections.

You must specify the following values in the Manual Configuration Editor:

  • CameraLostTimeMinSeconds - specifies how long a camera has to be down before it enters the lost connection state.
  • WatchdogInterval - specifies how often Symphony checks whether a camera is down.
  1. In Symphony client, from the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor. The Server Configuration dialog box appears.
  2. At the top, click the Add a new setting... area. The Type, ID, Section, Key, and Value fields appear.
  3. Enter the following:
  4. Type=Global
    ID=" " 
    ID=" " 

    where Value = number of seconds as an integer

  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Restart AI Scheduler.

Note: The WatchdogInterval can be set per server, but we recommend that you set it for the whole farm.





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