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Created: 19-Oct-2011 11:09:56 AM
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How to activate I/O on a Sony DH180 camera


I/O does not work on Sony DH180. Possibly does not work on entire series.


Activate I/O manually.

Task 1 - Enable alarm output

  1. Turn on the Sony camera.
  2. In a Web browser, connect to the Sony camera.
  3. Click Setup, and then Alarm Output.
  4. Click Alarm out 1 tab.
  5. Select the Alarm output On option.

Task 2 - Enable trigger to set alarm output

  1. Click Setup and then Trigger.
  2. In the Trigger panel, click Alarm output 1 and select Toggle.

Senstar Software will send the following commands:

  • http://IP/command/main.cgi?Trigger=alarmout1on
  • http://IP/command/main.cgi?Trigger=alarmout1off

Task 3 - Add the Sony camera to Senstar Symphony

  1. Add Sony camera to Symphony.
  2. Use Alarm Console to activate/deactivate relay 1 on camera. The LED should turn on/off.


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