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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.6
Component: Symphony Server
Device Brands: Sony
Created: 19-Sep-2011 2:32:44 PM
Last Updated:

Some Sony cameras not displaying video in Symphony on Windows Server 2008


Some Sony cameras do not display video in Symphony or through connected clients on Windows Server 2008. For example, the list may include these and other cameras.

  • SNC-RZ50N
  • SNC-RX570P
  • SNC-RX550
  • SNC-CH120
  • SNC-CH180
  • SNC-CS11
  • SNC-DH120
  • SNC-DH140

Probable Cause

Windows Server 2008 Desktop Experience pack component is NOT installed in Windows.


When adding a new Sony camera for Windows Server 2008, install Desktop Experience.

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