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Product: Symphony
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Created: 12-Sep-2011 10:02:18 AM
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How to modify the number of alarms


In the case where snow falling is causing many false alarms, you might want change the number of alarms per minute per event.

(Default) Value = 3 alarms/minute per event.

In another scenario with an I/O device, you might want to accept more alarms per minute per event.


You can limit the maximum number of alarms by adding the ThrottleMax option to Symphony's configuration.

  1. In Symphony client, from the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor. The Server Configuration dialog box appears.
  2. At the top, click the Add a new setting... area. The Type, ID, Section, Key, and Value fields appear.
  3. Enter the following:
    Type = Server 
    Section = Main 
    Id = Enter the server's ID Key = ThrottleMax Value = 99
    Action = [leave this field blank]
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Restart all Tracker services.

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