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How to manually create Windows service with sc command


If a service is not registered in Windows, it is possible to manually register it as a service, where it will be visible in the Windows Services dialog.

To access the Windows Services dialog:

  1. From the command prompt, type:
  2.  "services.msc" 
  3. Press ENTER.

To manually add service:

  1. From the command prompt, type:
  2. sc create "AI Tracker 1" binpath= "C:Program Files\Aimetis\Symphony\_bin\trackerapp.exe Tracker1 C:\Program FilesAimetis\Symphony\_bin\1" start= demand
  3. Press ENTER.


  • Ensure there is a space after "=", NOT before.
  • start= demand or auto
  • depend= comma separated list
  • displayname= the display name, if different from service name
  • binpath= can include arguments

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