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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.12
Component: Symphony Client
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Created: 8-Sep-2011 5:03:43 PM
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Video Wall and Carousel


You cannot use the Video Wall Controlling Window to add/manipulate a Carousel on wall monitors in a Video Wall.



Using the diagram as a typical configuration, computers B and C do not have a keyboard or mouse. Monitors #1 - #4 (connected to B and C) are mounted on a wall.

Computer A is a desktop machine with a normal keyboard, mouse, and monitor. From computer A, you have the Video Wall Controlling Window, which allows you to see a small thumbnail view of images from Monitors #1 - #4.

  • You can drag cameras, panels, and multi-views to manipulate what is displayed on Monitors #1 - #4.
  • You can close this Video Wall Controlling Window and use it as a normal client.
  • You can launch a carousel on computer A's local (small) monitor. But you cannot put the carousel up onto one of the 4 wall monitors.
    • If you plug a keyboard and mouse into computers B or C, then you can launch a carousel on those computers.
    • You can also RDP or VNC into computers B and C to launch a carousel.



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