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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.2
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Created: 12-Jul-2011 12:00:00 AM
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Alarm triggered by snowflakes or raindrops


Snow or rain falling on camera lens triggers alarms.

Probable Cause

You are using version 6.2.


Upgrade to version 6.7.

  1. Upgrade to 6.7. See Installation manual. You will not lose any data.
  2. Adjust video analytic in one of the following ways:
    1. Select Spatio-Temporal background model. It detects coherent motion in space-time.
    2. Select the Learn normal behavior option. It works in conjunction with any background model. Note: Tends to generate less coherent tracks since in some areas there is a lot of motion due to snow.
    3. Select Spatio-Temporal background model in Mode Abnormal Behavior. It learns abnormal behavior in many complicated scenarios, being able to discriminate between directions as well (automatically learning what the normal directions are at each pixel).
      • For water, option b works best in conjunction with the Spatio-Temporal background model.
      • If you do not need to discriminate at the directional level (abnormal directions), then options a and b should solve the problem.

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