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Aimetis Delivers Security Systems for Transportation Industry to Attract More Passengers and Protect Against Liability

Transportation infrastructure is critical to the economy. Airports, bus terminals, subway platforms, and train stations are busy, crowded, and unpredictable:

  • Physical threats expose passengers and staff to danger
  • Delays cause frustration
  • Overcrowding can cause bottlenecks at entry points and potential for harm

This translates into a poor travel experience and even worse, reduced safety.

Aimetis technology can help identify suspicious behavior and persons of interest, streamline operations, and centralize IT management in the cloud, saving time and money.

Monitor and Secure LocationsGather Intelligence About OperationsCentrally Manage Entire Security Systems
Ensure tracks and tarmacs are clear of pedestrians or equipment to prevent injury, death, or damage. Protect the perimeter, even in dark and isolated areas.Long lineups forming at gates? Crowds gathering at platforms or terminals? Automatic alerts help create a safe and pleasant travel experience.Streamline IT operations in multi-site, or large deployments, with centralized IT management from the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce cost.


The Aimetis Technology Ecosystem for Any Transportation Hub

Aimetis Symphony, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs, whether an airport, subway system, train station, or bus terminal.

Symphony, with its native suite of powerful video analytics, and Aimetis Enterprise Manager, an IT management platform to monitor system health and update software from the cloud, can help provide a safe, hassle-free travel experience for customers — reducing threats and delays.


Business Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Learn how entire hubs operate, including staff and customer behavior, to improve the decision-making process at all levels of management. Empower people to make the right decision at the right time and turn information into insights. Also, alerts immediately notify staff and security via email or text message if there is an issue that needs attention, increasing staff and public safety.

Aimetis Face Recognition

Identify known terrorists immediately. If a suspect is on your property, alerts can notify security right away.

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Aimetis Left and Removed Item Detection (LRID)

Unattended bags are potential threats. Identify and investigate suspicious packages with alerts that notify security staff.

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Aimetis License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Traffic congestion and public vehicles can cause issues with airport entrances. Help control authorization with ALPR.

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Crowd Detection

Alert security staff immediately when line ups become long or gates become crowded. This helps create a more efficient travel space.

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Aimetis Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracker (OPVT)

Accurately track and classify people and vehicles on runways to ensure the safety of staff, passengers, and property.

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Deter Criminal Behavior with This Cost-effective Video Monitoring Solution

The Aimetis Thin Client is an efficient tool for displaying and reviewing surveillance footage. It can help aid in the prosecution of criminals on board buses, trains, subways, and airplanes.  With an easy, five-minute installation and access from your smartphone, it is a popular choice — and a powerful tool.

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Aimetis Physical Security Appliance – A Big Solution for A Small Space

Harness the Aimetis ecosystem in one small package.  The Aimetis Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is ideal for small retail operations that need up to 32 cameras. It has the option for video analytics, and no software installation is required. The PSA can easily mount in space-constricted areas, making it powerful and convenient.

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Does not include Aimetis AEM


Transportation hubs are packed with potential issues, and solutions become more complex. Aimetis helps the transportation market – airports, bus terminals, subway platforms, and train stations – deliver a safe and accessible travel experience for customers.