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Industrial Customers

Aimetis Delivers Security Systems to Prevent Theft and False Claims in Construction, Automotive, and Manufacturing

In the US alone, theft costs the construction industry up to $1 billion dollars every year1. False claims like staged accidents, and fake work injuries from employees cost insurance companies over $80 billion dollars per year. But these are global problems, and cost companies time and money.

A robust security system will help disprove false claims and reduce costly fake insurance claims. Aimetis solutions can also help monitor complex sites, and easily manage your entire system.

Companies can reduce or even eliminate on-site theft and vandalism with powerful video analytics. Need to manage multiple locations? Centralized IT management can help.

Aimetis is tackling these problems head-on with a robust mixture of technology to prevent theft, reduce liability, and streamline IT processes for industries of all kinds.

1National Equipment Register, 2014.

Monitor and Secure LocationsGather Intelligence About OperationsCentrally Manage Entire Security Systems
Protect employees and customers, and deter theft and fraud with a powerful, flexible security system.Collect valuable business intelligence that can help understand operations and improve processes.Streamline IT operations in multi-site deployments with centralized IT management from the cloud to improve efficiency.


The Aimetis Technology Ecosystem for Construction, Automotive, and Manufacturing Security

Aimetis Symphony, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs.

Symphony, with its native suite of powerful video analytics, and Aimetis Enterprise Manager, an IT management platform to monitor system health and update software from the cloud, are at the heart of turning a security system into an active part of operations.


Use Business Intelligence for a Safer, More Efficient Work Environment

Business intelligence improves the decision-making process at all levels of management. This empowers people to make the right decision at the right time, turning information into insights. Also, alerts immediately notify staff and security via email and text message if there is an issue that needs attention, increasing everyone’s safety.


Aimetis Indoor People Tracker

Industrial environments are dirty. Dust and smoke cause visibility issues. Learn how to use generated heat maps to understand how people navigate work sites.

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Aimetis Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking (OPVT)

Use OPVT to Set tripwires around a construction site or specific pieces of machinery to alert staff if anyone has crossed into a site, or tried to take tools or equipment.

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Face Recognition

Add two-factor authentication to restricted areas, control access points, and increase security for the entire site.

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Crowd Detection

Aimetis Crowd Detection will notify security/staff if a crowd gathers in a designated area for a pre-determined amount of time, keeping areas clear and maintaining productivity and safety.

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Aimetis Thin Client: Real-Time Equipment Monitoring and Video Display

The Aimetis Thin Client is an efficient tool for displaying and reviewing surveillance footage. It can view assembly line activity, view processes at a great distance, and display video on an alarm or event condition. With an easy, five-minute installation, and access from your smartphone, it is a popular choice.

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Aimetis Physical Security Appliance: A Big Solution for a Small Space

Harness the Aimetis ecosystem in one small package.  The Aimetis Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is ideal for spaces and sites that need up to 32 cameras. It has the option for video analytics and no software installation is required. The PSA can easily mount in space-constricted areas, making it powerful and convenient.

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