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Government Customers

Scalability and Seamless Integration with Powerful Video Analytics for Government Security

A strong government security deployment consists of a robust video management system to meet growing needs, analytics that reduce footage review time, and centralized IT management to streamline IT processes.

Each Government Institution Faces Unique Security Challenges

Police stations running into scalability issues as systems grow? One of the most scalable video management systems on the market can help.

City surveillance deployments generating more footage than is manageable? A robust suite of video analytics can parse out relevant footage for review, saving hours of manpower.

Aimetis is tackling these problems head on with a robust mixture of technology for city surveillance, law enforcement, and all types of government facilities.

Monitor and Secure LocationsGather Intelligence About Facility OperationsCentrally Manage Entire Security Systems
Safeguard locations. Integrate with existing systems and manage thousands of different cameras.Identify persons and events of interest and alert security staff immediately to drastically reduce response time.Streamline IT operations in multi-site deployments with centralized IT management from the cloud to improve efficiency.


The Aimetis Technology Ecosystem for Government Security Deployments

Aimetis Symphony, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs.

Symphony, with its native suite of powerful video analytics, and Aimetis Enterprise Manager, an IT management platform to monitor system health and update software from the cloud, are at the heart of turning any security system into an active part of government surveillance initiatives.


Improve Government Security with Powerful Native Video Analytics

Automate tasks, streamline process, drastically reduce footage review time, and reduce storage space requirements with Aimetis Symphony’s suite of video analytics.

Whether monitoring a single building with under 20 cameras, or a city surveillance system with thousands of cameras, analytics can fully support operations.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Prevent unauthorized access to parking lots, and identify vehicles of interest near government facilities with Aimetis ALPR.

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Face Recognition

Strengthen access control to restricted areas, and identify persons of interest, regardless of common changes in appearance.

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Crowd Detection

Alert security staff immediately if a crowd gathers inside or outside of a Government building to ensure staff and public safety.

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Left and Removed Item Detection

Immediately identify suspicious packages that are left in public and open areas.

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A Low Total Cost of Ownership  

Typically, the upfront costs of cameras, IT hardware, and software only make up a fraction of the overall cost of a security system. The majority comes from installation, operations, and end-user productivity. Once a system is operational, Aimetis technology supports a more sustainable IT environment.

A scalable VMS to grow with government needs, analytics to boost security performance, and centralized IT management from the cloud for a new level of control.

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