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Education Customers

Security Systems That Save Money and Boost Efficiency for Educational Institutions

Violence in schools is a problem. For example, in the United States there have been 192 shootings with 221 deaths, and 311 injuries since 2010. In some cases, it has spurred greater spending on security systems.

Whether a security project is for a K12 school, a high school, or university, there are unique challenges:

  • Parent identification for students in lower grades
  • Increased monitoring of spaces like parking lots for theft, vandalism, and drug dealing  
  • Common area surveillance for student-on-student violence in higher grades
  • Access control for parking lots and other secured locations

Also, many schools are upgrading from analog CCTV to an IP-based CCTV security system. The reason? Clearer images to identify people of interest, integrated video analytics, and flexibility and scalability to grow deployments as needed.

Aimetis is using a robust mixture of technology and hardware to address these issues and help increase security in educational institutions around the world.

Here's how Aimetis can help:

Monitor and Secure LocationsGather Intelligence About FacilitiesCentrally Manage Entire Systems
Protect students and staff, and deter theft and vandalism with a powerful, flexible security system.Collect valuable intelligence about staff and student behavior to help understand operations.Streamline IT operations for multi-site deployments at large campuses with centralized IT management in the cloud.


The Aimetis Technology Ecosystem for Education Security and Campus Intelligence

Aimetis Symphony, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs.

Symphony, with its native suite of powerful video analytics, and Aimetis Enterprise Manager  (AEM), an IT management platform to monitor system health and update software from the cloud, are at the heart of turning any security system into an integral part of an educational facility.


Low Total Cost of Ownership  

Typically, the upfront costs of cameras, IT hardware, and software only make up a fraction of the overall cost of a security system. The majority comes from installation, operations, energy consumption and end-user productivity.

With Aimetis, the end user can experience a lower total cost of ownership, helping to reduce costs over the lifecycle of their entire system. This could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings during the entire system’s lifecycle, and a more sustainable security solution that can grow with any business.


Analytics Can Create a More Efficient Security System

Learn about staff and student behavior to improve the decision-making process at all levels of management. Empower people to make the right decision at the right time and turn information into insights. Also, alerts immediately notify staff and security via email or text message if there is an issue that needs attention, increasing staff and public safety.

Crowd Detection

Violence usually draws a crowd. If understaffed, the Crowd Detection analytic can notify security if a crowd gathers in a monitored area.

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Aimetis Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking

Boost perimeter protection to help reduce theft and vandalism. Identify and classify people and vehicles.

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Face Recognition

Detect persons of interest for parent identification. Increase child safety by blocking suspect parents who are not authorized to pick up a child.

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Aimetis License Plate Recognition

Integrate with access control systems to control entry into parking lots. "Allowed" and "blocked" lists specify vehicles for access or denial.

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Aimetis Thin Client: Provide Security and Deter Violence and Mischief with This Cost-effective Solution

The Aimetis Thin Client is an efficient tool for displaying and reviewing surveillance footage. For example, it can easily display a person looking to enter a school building and provide eyes on problem areas inside. With an easy, five-minute installation and access from a smartphone, it’s a popular choice.

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Aimetis Physical Security Appliance – A Big Solution for A Small Space

Harness the Aimetis ecosystem in one small package.  The Aimetis Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is ideal for small schools that only need up to 32 cameras. With the option for video analytics, and no software installation required, the PSA can easily mount in space-constricted areas, making it powerful and convenient.

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Does not include Aimetis AEM

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