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R-Series Operator Station

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Everything You Need. One Easy Package.

Introducing a dedicated viewing station that’s reliable and ready-to-go: The R-Series Operator Station — the ideal complement to the R-Series™ Network Video Recorders (NVR).

Featuring Dell hardware, the Operator Station is ideal for customers looking for a preconfigured, validated video surveillance client. The R001 model is optimized for everyday video monitoring applications and supports up to three displays.

Kiosk: Greater Control with a Powerful Security Add-On

Each Operator Station is also preloaded with Kiosk™ for greater control over each workstation. Define exactly which applications operators can use and restrict access to the desktop and operating system. Once installed, Kiosk replaces the Windows shell and start menu with a secure replacement shell allowing access to specific applications only. More control means improved security.

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Ease of Installation and Extensive Support

The Operator Station comes preconfigured with all necessary software and licensing to minimize installation time. Based on validated hardware components backed by three years of comprehensive hardware and software support, Operator Stations can be deployed and maintained worry free.

Enhanced Security Option

The Operator Station has been hardened and preloaded with Kiosk. This software provides an option to enforce vital lockdown security for Windows PCs running Senstar Symphony™. Kiosk restricts users from accessing the desktop and operating system while providing a secure replacement shell, allowing access to specific applications only.

All-Round Performance in Space-Saving Form Factor

With a 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor and support for up to three displays, the R001 offers strong performance in a small form factor. It can decode up to 4K video and drive multiple 25-view displays simultaneously.