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Cyber Security Appliance

Tungsten is specifically designed to protect physical security networks, SCADA-based systems and safe-city applications. It provides iron-clad security with full control and customizable networking capabilities. Cutting-edge hardware, combined with network intelligence and policy enforcement software engines, create an effective tool for securing sites and installations.

BenefitsKey FeaturesSpecifications 
  • Multi-layer cyber security functionality starting from the physical connections, network layer and data flows throughout the network
  • Protection of all network elements against cyber attacks
  • Rugged hardware, designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Gigabit Ethernet fiber optical SFP and RJ45 copper ports
  • Ultra high-power PoE capabilities for easy installation
  • Modern Ethernet switching technologies that support VLANs, QoS, ring and loop protection, jumbo frames and more
  • Latest local and remote management interfaces including SNMPv3, SSH-based CLI, Web UI and centralized
  • Make your hardware switch policy enforcement tamperproof

Located throughout the network, Tungsten acts as a powerful patroller and can:

  • Detect and identify every element and endpoint in the network
  • Alert or block any attempt to connect an unauthorized device to the secured network
  • Inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic at port level to make sure that only known, safe and identified traffic from authorized entities is allowed
  • Detect Layer2 and Layer3 cyber attacks: CAM overflow, ARP poisoning, IP address spoofing, video hijacking, protocol manipulation, DoS, etc.
  • Report and take automatic action to restore business continuity
  • Make your hardware switch policy enforcement tamperproof