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Case Study: Rhode Island Department of Transportation
After looking at what I see when I started compared to where we are with Aimetis now, I would definitely recommend Aimetis in terms of time, speed, clarity, and control.
J. Michael Wreh
Manager, Transportation Management Center at RIDOT

Customer Profile

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) designs, constructs, and maintains 3,300 lane miles of roadway across the New England state. Rhode Island and its capital, Providence, are located in the middle of the busy Interstate 95 corridor, which acts as a major traffic artery between Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. To maintain consistent and uninterrupted traffic flow through the state and all its highways, RIDOT operates a centralized Transportation Management Center (TMC) to monitor for possible traffic disruptions caused by weather, road construction, vehicle collisions, or any planned or unplanned activities around the state’s road system.


  • 130 cameras using Aimetis Symphony™ VMS Professional licenses
  • Migration to a fully IP camera network
  • Multi-server integration
  • Aimetis Maintenance & Support


One of RIDOT’s main tasks is to respond to incidents on the highways by monitoring and reviewing video surveillance footage. A fast response to an incident can be the difference between a minor delay and a highly disruptive traffic jam—or even life and death. RIDOT had an aging analog surveillance system that often resulted in a video playback delay of 45 seconds to review vital footage. This delay limited RIDOT’s ability to respond quickly with collaborating parties, such as the police, paramedics, fire departments, and road crews.

Standing Out from the Video Management Software Pack

The first step that RIDOT made in fixing its aging analog system was to determine the best platform to migrate its existing surveillance system to. After a thorough review of other video management systems, RIDOT decided to implement the Aimetis Symphony video management software (VMS) because of the software’s scalability, ease of use, playback speed, and overall feature set.

“We had a system that was all analog, and we wanted to go to a digital system and we found that Aimetis has a digital system that could do what we wanted to do, and so we switched to Aimetis,” said J. Michael Wreh, Manager, Transportation Management Center at RIDOT.

The speed of video playback was one of the most important requirements for the new system that RIDOT’s Transportation Management Center (TMC) would use. Every second after an accident occurs on the highway causes a ripple effect on traffic and, more importantly, delays the arrival of emergency response teams.

“For the department, time is money,” said Wreh. “Time savings saves lives because we deploy the actual resources that are needed out there. Aimetis has been helping us to reduce our incident clearance time to about 27 minutes instead of 45 minutes.”

This 40% reduction in incident clearance time has improved the flow of traffic increased the effectiveness of road crews. During a significant winter storm, RIDOT used its video surveillance system to monitor traffic buildup at Rhode Island’s ports of entry that was occurring due to 13 inches of snow accumulation.

Trucks were backed up into neighboring Connecticut and couldn’t enter Rhode Island. The TMC used its responsive Aimetis Symphony system to identify the areas in most need of attention, and deployed the appropriate crew to clear the roadway.

Aimetis Support Helps Maintain Mission-Critical Systems

As part of mission-critical infrastructure, RIDOT’s video management system needs to run smoothly and efficiently. To ensure the camera system is running 24/7, 365 days a year, RIDOT relies on the Aimetis Maintenance & Support program for access to regular software updates and the expertise of the Aimetis Support Team.

“The Aimetis staff are always in communication,” said Wreh. “The response time is really within an hour or less.

“One time we had a blackout and our system was down and to bring it back up we needed Aimetis support and within 30 minutes we were able to get the support to have it up and running,” continued Wreh.

Video Surveillance Delivering Value for Taxpayers

At the end of the day, RIDOT serves the people of Rhode Island to ensure that the state’s citizens have safe and reliable roadways to use, and the department’s video surveillance system is a valuable part of that service.

“When using the Aimetis system, I think we are giving the taxpayer the best for their money’s worth,” said Wreh. “After looking at what I see when I started compared to where we are with Aimetis now, I would definitely recommend Aimetis in terms of time, speed, clarity, and control.”