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Case Study: Kingsland Data Center
One of the things we noticed with Symphony, is that it’s very interoperable with many different brands of cameras.
Asher Ling
Chief Operating Officer, Kingsland Data Center

Customer Profile

Built in 2015, Kingsland Data Center is the first multi-tier wholesale data center in Singapore. The 208,000ft2, ten-story purpose-built data center facility is constructed upon a 7,700m2 site, providing more than 80,000ft2 of dedicated IT white space.

Security is important at the data center. The facility is guarded 24 x 7 and its perimeters and entire premises is augmented with CCTV cameras and bomb checks at access areas.


  • 267 surveillance cameras
  • 249 Aimetis Symphony™ Professional licenses and 18 Enterprise licenses
  • 18 cameras have analytic licenses for the option to use Symphony’s native video analytics


A wide range of requirements and specifications that constantly grow and change with each new customer means that Kingsland needed a solution that could keep up with this demand. Kingsland collaborates with its clients to co-design the security for each client space in the data center based on the client’s own infrastructure and engineering standards.


Kingsland Data Center Uses Aimetis Symphony as a Scalable, Flexible, and Analytic-Ready Solution

Kingsland Data Center is a mission-critical facility requiring almost zero downtime to ensure businesses don’t lose revenue and millions of people don’t lose access to services they use every day.

Every client has its own unique set of critical environment requirements. Kingsland Data Center actively invites its clients to partake in a partnership and collaborative exercise and to co-design and customize the white space identified based on the client’s own infrastructure and security standards.

This means Kingsland faces the unique challenge of multiple client security teams with complex requirements. This unique challenge, though difficult, has helped make Kingsland’s VMS choice an easier one. Kingsland chose Aimetis Symphony™ for its scalability and flexibility so it can easily and continuously scale to ever-increasing client demands.

 “[Our] clients place a lot of focus on security, and they have their own security teams. [If] they come to our facility and [identify] a breach…we’re out,” said Asher Ling, Chief Operating Officer, Kingsland Data Center. “My requirement for my guys is that we should have almost zero downtime. So, nothing stops…nothing stops.”

To help Kingsland maximize uptime, Aimetis Symphony efficiently delivers built-in failover functionality without the need for expensive Microsoft Cluster licenses and extra servers.

The collaborative nature of the relationship between Kingsland and its clients means Kingsland needed a video management platform that could grow along with evolving and changing client needs. It also needed a flexible solution to accommodate different hardware and software components as needed.

“That was one of the things we noticed with Symphony, is that it’s very interoperable with many different brands of cameras,” added Asher.

Asher Ling takes great pride in the security system he and his team designed for Kingsland.

“From outside of the fence, to touching the door of the data halls, you at least have to go through five levels of checks,” said Asher. “There is no way you can get around this facility without us knowing it.”

Kingsland Data Center now has peace of mind with a scalable, flexible, and analytic-ready VMS that works seamlessly with a suite of powerful native video analytics. 

Aimetis helps Kingsland deliver on its promise to customers, just as Aimetis delivers on its promise to Kingsland.

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