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Case Study: Indu-Light
With video management software from Aimetis, we are able to cost-effectively control operations and monitor our open spaces.
Patrik Bantle
Managing Director, Indu-Light Halle/Saale

Customer Profile

Indu-Light builds, assembles, and sells rooflight systems. Indu-Light offers custom solutions for new construction and renovations, complete with self-supporting frames. The company is DIN ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating its high quality production, sales, and distribution. Daylight is the natural source of light and has a decisive influence on our well-being. Artificial light, especially at your workplace, never offers the complete spectrum of sunlight. Thus, emitted artificial light and low illuminance levels have a negative effect on human health.

Technology and Integration

  • Aimetis Symphony™ software licenses: Standard, Professional ,and Enterprise
  • IP and analog cameras


  • Video surveillance solution for increased protection against burglary and theft
  • Ensuring correct processes and workflows
  • Improved quality control


Indu-Light protects its raw materials with Aimetis Symphony video management software.


Indu-Light Production & Distribution GmbH manufactures rooflight systems and faced the challenge of ensuring strong security of operation, storage areas, and production facilities. The bearing surfaces in outdoor areas are a welcome target for thieves in the commodity market. To equip the various open spaces with the highest possible security, including the company's buildings, the company tasked Arndt Security Systems with installing a solution that met their loss prevention needs. Arndt turned to the Aimetis video management system.


Established camera technology in combination with advanced video analytics

To back up the numerous open spaces of Indu-Light continuously and permanently, Arndt offered video surveillance security systems in addition to a burglary and fire alarm system. With this system, the operations in the open area are monitored continuously, and permanently recorded. Any unusual movement on the site is detected by Aimetis Symphony’s embedded analytics and an auto-PTZ camera moves with the object that has been linked with the embedded analytics. This movement then triggers an alarm to be sent to the security manager for review at a later time. All of this is done automatically without any manual intervention. Furthermore, the production and order facilities are monitored as well, in order to detect when material delivery irregularities occur and to optimize internal processes.

"With the video management solution Aimetis, we have a powerful tool in hand that is not only easy to use, but is easily integrated and flexible," adds Matthias Arndt, Arndt Security Systems.

Complete protection from a single source

Arndt Security Systems ensured the complete deployment of hardware and software to guarantee its customers had an effective access control, burglar alarm, and video surveillance system. Through Arndt Security, the alarms that occur during night time or on weekends are automatically turned over to nationally operating security companies ensuring around the clock monitoring.

About Arndt Security Systems

Since 1977 the company has been based from Halle/Saale. Since then, the business and offerings have continued to expand. Today the company offers security solutions from a single source to the end user customer. By installing security systems for private and commercial clients through to large-scale protection for industrial facilities, Arndt Security Systems delivers a full service experience from planning to installation, and subsequently support an individually tailored customer service package.